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About us

Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS) is a pan-India, general management consultancy, exclusively focused on servicing the needs of the public health and development sectors in India.

SAMS commenced operations in 1990 and was formally incorporated in 1995. SAMS’ exclusive focus on the public health and development sectors commenced in 1997.

SAMS has two principal practice areas viz.:
(1) HR Consulting including Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Third Party Payrolling (TPP)
(2) Procurement & Supply Chain Management (PSCM) and Drug Logistics for National Health Programmes

SAMS HR Consulting is widely recognized to be India’s pioneering and premier recruitment consultancy for the public health and development sectors, with an unmatched track record of more than 40,000 successful appointments over the past 25 years. SAMS HR Consulting commenced providing specialized outsourcing and third-party payrolling support in 2008 and has since consistently maintained 200 – 800 health and logistics professionals on its payroll. We presently payroll more than 4,500 social sector professionals.

SAMS HR Consulting presently has more than 45 full-time consultants, including four IT support professionals. We are rated as one of the largest recruitment consultancies in India, based on headcount and turnover. Eight members of our team are directly engaged with Outsourcing/ Payrolling projects, with need-based specialist inputs on regulatory matters obtained from empanelled firms of Chartered Accountants and Advocates & Solicitors.

SAMS HR Consulting has made large investments in technology to automate its recruitment processes, enabling the receipt of 10-20k online applications daily, when necessary. Screening, assessment and the generation of detailed scoring matrices in respect of eligible candidates are partially automated, enabling us to process large numbers of applications and accurately shortlist promising candidates, within extremely aggressive turnaround times.

Headhunting is a key component of our recruitment approach and methodology. Our large number of successful closures over the years, gives us unmatched access to a large and high-quality talent pool of professionals, working at all levels, and with the best-known organizations in the public health and development sectors, in India. We routinely access +200 talent influencers, comprising senior candidates placed by us, to provide us leads to fill vacancies. We also have access to large proprietary, internal, as well as external databases that we subscribe to. The above resources enable us to generate high-quality shortlists within sharp turnaround times and consistently achieve closure rates exceeding 80%.

SAMS HR Consulting is respected by its clients for its ability to provide strong advisory inputs for talent acquisition, as well as robust systems and processes, that ensure equity and transparency in selection. We develop and/or suggest smart corrections to recruitment strategy. Our processes emphasize the comprehensive documentation of outcomes at every stage of the recruitment process, enabling the demonstration of fair selection to candidates, donors, the government and/or other stakeholders.

SAMS PSCM & Drug Logistics Consulting is recognized and respected as India’s supply chain management specialist, assuring the supply of drugs and equipment to enable desired service delivery levels for key, large, national health programs.

Our People

SAMS has a versatile team of consulting professionals, blending maturity and youth, with practice leaders typically possessing upwards of 10 years of experience.

All large assignments awarded to SAMS are directed and guided by Mr. Gautam Nath, Managing Director & CEO.

SAMS HR Consulting Division is directly overseen by Mr. Gautam Nath. Directors and Practice Leaders for the Division include Mr. Abhai Raj Singh, Surbhi Maheshwari, Mr. Kafil Akhtar, Mr. Simon Athaide, and Ms. Rupal Talwar.

Directors and Practice Leaders for SAMS Procurement & Supply Chain Management Division include Mr. Sanjay Rastogi and Ms. Ritu Khushu.

Dedicated teams reporting to the above Directors and Practice Leaders are usually assembled and deployed for all large engagements. Operational-level consultants are guided by team leaders, typically at the level of Senior Consultant, with the company.

Key members of the SAMS team are profiled in subsequent paragraphs.

Gautam Nath, MD & CEO: An FCA with more than 30 years of general management experience spanning not for profits, as well as corporate clients. Gautam has led SAMS since 1990 and has been focused on its public health and development sector practice since 1997. Areas of specialization include Organization Development, Recruitment & Executive Search, Change Management, Business Process Improvement, and Drug Logistics Support.

Sanjay Rastogi, Associate Director, Procurement and Supply Chain Management Services: An FCA with more than 25 years of post-qualification experience, Sanjay’s expertise domains include Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Drug Logistics, Corporate Audit & Advisory Services, Management Consultancy and Assurance Services for INGOs/ Multilaterals. Sanjay has supported SAMS engagements for more than 20 years.

Ritu Khushu, Associate Director, Procurement and Supply Chain: A B.Sc. (Chem.) and CA (Inter.) with more than 20 years of experience in Procurement, Supply chain, Inventory Management, and Capacity building of public health officials in the Malaria, TB Control and HIV/AIDS programs. Empanelled with Global Drug Facility (GDF) as a Certified Procurement and Supply Chain Consultant, Ritu has been a part of Joint Monitoring Missions and Global Workshops for TB elimination in various South-East Asian countries.

Raman Suri, Associate Director, IT Services: An M.A. (Economics) and Research Scholar (Applied Economics). Raman has more than 30 years of PQE as an Economist and Management Consultant. Focus areas have been sectoral economic studies, forecasting and statistical analysis, and supply chain modelling.

Abhai Raj Singh, Associate Director- Large Recruitment Projects: An MBA (Rural Development) from G.B. Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad, Abhai has more than 14 years of experience in managing recruitment assignments. He has successfully collaborated with various Central and State Government and Non-Government Institutions and helped SAMS become a trusted advisor and HR partner for complex turnkey recruitment projects of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for different State Governments, including UP, MP, Tripura, Bihar, Gujarat, and Jharkhand. Abhai has led and managed large turnkey recruitment projects at SAMS, for the National Health Mission UP (22,000 vacancies), NHM MP (6,000 vacancies), JRHMS/ NHSRC (1,138 vacancies), EY and UNDP (450 vacancies), IHAT (1,700 vacancies), MPRLP (700 vacancies), NHSRC (+300 vacancies), and FIND (+400 vacancies).

Surbhi Maheshwari, Associate Director- Recruitment: A PGDBM (Human Resource Management) from the Institute of Management Development and Research, Pune, Surbhi has more than 12 years of work experience with SAMS and has led search and talent acquisition projects for a range of bilateral and multilateral agencies and INGOs. Surbhi has successfully filled senior vacancies for key clients like GIZ, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, FHI 360, CARE India, The Union, Vital Strategies, Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation, and Water.org, amongst others.

Kafil Akhtar, Practice Leader - Large Recruitment Projects: An MBA in Information Technology, Amity University, Kafil has 16 years of experience in the areas of HR Management and Information Technology, including +14 with SAMS. Kafil has excellent exposure to managing and supporting large recruitment projects for key Government and Non-Government clients, such as MPRLP, NRHM Bihar, GLPS, FIND, NHM, Uttar Pradesh, NHM, Madhya Pradesh, NHSRC, IHAT-UP, UPMSCL, JRHMS, etc. He has expertise in providing technology solutions in the areas of database management, collating, and validating screening and interview assessments, and administering online and/or physical, written tests and results preparation, in alignment with state-specific, Government reservation policy.

Simon Athaide, Finance Head: A B.Com. (Accounts) from Ranchi University, Simon has 16 years of experience in the accounts function, including 13 with SAMS, with complete responsibility for revenue and expenditure accounting, claims processing, and facilitating disbursements. Simon has been Alternate Practice Leader– Payrolling Services for more than 12 years with SAMS.

Rupal Talwar, Senior Manager - Recruitment: An MBA (HR Management) from New Delhi Institute of Management, New Delhi, Rupal has more than 10 years of overall experience including eight years with SAMS. Rupal leads the complete recruitment cycle, encompassing screening and assessment of applications/ candidates, for a range of searches. She has successfully filled mid and senior-level vacancies with premier clients like PLAN India, SightLife Global, UNICEF, Alliance India, The UNION, HelpAge India and Save the Children India, amongst others.


SAMS has a young team of professionally qualified HR and Logistics professionals led by senior managers, collectively possessing more than 200 consultant years of sector-specific, expertise.

SAMS has to date executed more than 1,000 HR Consulting, Payrolling, and Logistics engagements and successfully filled more than 40,000 vacancies for a range of premier development and public health sector clients, that include bi and multilateral organizations (including a large number of UN agencies), INGOs and leading national NGOs, apart from the Central and State Governments.

The range of work we have done for many of the best-known organizations in these sectors has helped us to develop robust processes and a host of proprietary tools, positioning us as India’s leading public health and development sector consultancy.

Our ability to provide timely turnkey recruitment solutions to clients who have on occasion received more than 200,000 applications, is unmatched. SAMS has experience in coordinating Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) based written tests attended by more than 70,000 candidates per session, at different locations within a state, on a single day. Similarly, SAMS has successfully conducted Computer Based tests (CBT) for more than 26,000 candidates per session.

On the logistics side, we have an unblemished track record of enabling the TB and Malaria Control programs to successfully avoid drug stock-outs across the country, for close to 20 years.

We are passionate about our quality of service, our turnaround times, and our ability to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Our Mission

SAMS mission and philosophy is outlined below:

Focus: We are a focused consultancy, providing exemplary HR, PSCM, and Drugs Logistics Support Services, to the public health and development sectors in India.

Lead: We aspire to be best-in-class service providers, providing consistent, cost-effective, and excellent services, recognized to be benchmarks, for all the sectors in which we are represented.

Excellence: We constantly raise the bar innovate and improve. We aim to delight both clients and candidates, with our offerings, as well as their delivery.