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Job Description

Head - Programmes (India)

STiR Education

Bengaluru, or Delhi, or Chennai

1. POSITION VACANT: Head - Programmes (India), STiR Education, Bengaluru, or Delhi, or Chennai


STiR Education is an international NGO addressing the moral and economic imperative that every child, everywhere, should have a teacher who cultivates the joy of lifelong learning. At a practical level, STiR supports governments in reigniting intrinsic motivation in teachers and local officials, through teacher networks. STiR’s vision is a world where teachers love teaching and children love learning. Since 2012, STiR’s has beneficially impacted 200,000 teachers and 6 million children in India, Uganda and Indonesia.


STiR’s Model


STIR Education has achieved these targets through a five-year learning partnership with an innovative education system, that aligns all stakeholders (viz. officials, teachers and children) around the goal of increasing intrinsic motivation. STiR’s model creates behaviour change in officials and teachers and this in turn creates behaviour change in children and results in improved socio-emotional and academic outcomes. Practically, this requires teachers to undergo monthly network meetings with about 20 to 30 local peers. Teachers are supported through these meetings, in developing capacity in effective questioning and creating warm but orderly classroom routines, resulting in more effective relationships with children. In doing so the teachers develop a sense of autonomy (the sense they can change things), mastery (sense of getting better as professionals) and purpose (reconnecting emotionally with their peers and students), the key drivers of intrinsic motivation.


Additionally, district officials undergo a training and coaching programme that motivates and supports them to prioritise, run and monitor teacher networks, and foster a close partnership with the state or national government, enabling the government to align this intrinsic motivational approach within their priorities, structures and systems. The approach is run by the government from day one and after about five years of partnering with the STiR education system, the organization hopes to embed a culture of improvement at all levels and for the system to continue to strengthen itself, thereafter. STiR typically allocates one staff member per district, to train, energise and coach district officials in running their model, apart from a small team at the national and state levels.


(a) Humility: STiR doesn’t have all the answers upfront;
(b) Ownership: STiR empowers all stakeholders with high expectations, as well as support;
(c) Openness: STiR listens, learns and improves, and leads through obstacles;
(d) Purpose: STiR unites by fostering a shared vision, built and implemented together with different stakeholders.


For more information, please visit https://stireducation.org/.




STiR is looking for a highly motivated Head - Programmes (India) (HPI) with a strong desire to improve the quality of the education system in India. S/he will work closely with the Country Director to implement STiR’s innovative education model with the support of the programme team.


STiR works with all government secondary schools in Delhi, and is also active in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. STiR has statewide MOUs in all cases and enjoys a strong relationship with the concerned state governments. Reporting to the Country Director, the HPI shall be responsible for the implementation of STiR’s programme in India and its expansion to newer geographies within the country.


Key Job Responsibilities:


(A) Drive Vision and Ensure Quality

Implementation of STiR’s Programmes in India


(1) Establish a clear purpose and sense of momentum toward the vision of increasing intrinsic motivation for all and strengthening education systems;

(2) Work closely with the Country Director on strategy and build national presence;

(3) Ensure STiR’s vision is shared by a 'guiding coalition' of senior government and political leaders through regular communication and advocacy;

(4) Take full ownership of all programme elements and lead their execution with energy and rigour;

(5) Conduct regular field visits to monitor programme delivery and alignment with STiR values.

(6) Nurture a team and partnership culture that's grounded in the organization’s values;

(7) Model professionalism, ownership and a growth mind-set at all times;

(8) Use budget and resources effectively, efficiently and responsibly.


(B) Provide Exemplary Leadership and

Development Support to the Team and Leaders


(1) Institute a planning process and set high expectations; Make sure each programme team member appreciates how their role contributes to wider organizational, India wide and state-specific goals;

(2) Exhibit quality line management, closely working with the state team leads and supporting them to achieve peak performance and personal growth;

(3) Role model the STiR values and ensure the team is supported in building a value-aligned organizational culture;

(4) Lead by example in giving as well as receiving feedback both positive and in respect of areas requiring development;

(5) Set direction for data-based evidence gathering and sharing;

(6) Support planning and implementation of periodic strategic advocacy events at the state and national levels;

(7) Contribute to strategy, advocacy, and organizational and leadership development, as a part of the India Leadership Team.


(C) Build Learning Partnerships with Senior

Government Officials at the National and State Levels


(1) Align STiR’s work with national and state government priorities and hold implementation to a high standard;

(2) Ensure STiR’s role in helping governments achieve their own priorities is clearly understood and valued by all senior stakeholders;

(3) Support the Associate Heads in building alignment with state governments and plan the sustainability of programmes through regular learning sessions and check-ins;

(4) Develop a business case for teacher motivation, using system-level structures and budgets and a plan for growth into new states;

(5) Support the different state teams to connect with each other and share learning and best practices.


(D) Cross Functional Collaboration


(1) Work closely with the Design and M&E functions to ensure effective delivery of programmes;

(2) Work closely with the Donor Partnerships team to support communication and engagement with donors, meet potential funders, and support proposal and report writing;

(3) Work closely with the People & Culture team to ensure team engagement and development;

(4) Contribute to the national leadership discussions through strategic inputs and participation in national conversations.


(E) Financial Management


(1) Work closely with the Finance team and programme associate heads to prepare and own the programme budget of the states; Interpret the variance and manage budgets accordingly;

(2) Provide support for building robust processes and systems to ensure that all financial spending is judicious;

(3) Strategically work towards finding solutions that support STiR in becoming financially sustainable;

(4) Support the different state teams to connect with each other and share learning and best practices;

(5) Become a part of the India leadership team and contribute to discussions on strategy, advocacy, fundraising and organizational culture and values;

(6) Support the Country Director in advocacy efforts where necessary.





Applicants must have a post-graduate degree in education, or social work, or other relevant discipline, from a reputed institute.


(1) 8-10 years of experience in program management, preferably in the education sector, with five years’ experience in leadership roles;
(2) Knowledge and experience in delivering complex programmes within a government context and leading improvements in quality of delivery;
(3) Proven experience in forming collaborative relationships with governments and diverse

Stakeholders, at all levels of seniority;
(4) Experience of managing and developing a team and the ability to lead, motivate and develop others; Demonstrated experience in managing a team of 20 people with 3-4 direct reports.

(5) The position requires travel across the country.


Skills and Knowledge
(1) Excellent organisation, delegation, performance management, administration, and time

management skills;

(2) Excellent and advanced conceptual and decision-making skills;
(3) High level of drive and energy and a commitment to excellence;
(4) Strong sense of ownership for all deliverables along with a highly developed sense of integrity, humility and discretion;
(5) Collaborative leadership style;
(6) Strong planning, financial, budgeting and project management skills;
(7) Strong ability to communicate, influence and develop effective working relationships with all stakeholders;
(8) Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills;
(9) Ability to prioritise and handle pressure at work;
(10) Strong implementation focus, 'can-do' attitude and ability to rapidly adapt;
(11) Commitment towards STiR Education’s values;
(12) Ability to manage change and support teams to deal with ambiguity;

(13) Commitment to developing people into leaders;
(14) Ability to work in a "flat" structure that empowers all team members to take responsibility for their own decisions;
(15) Ability to proactively build and maintain a dynamic culture of high expectations and learning;
(16) Humility and openness to feedback;
(17) Evidence-based decision making and data-driven alignment practices.




The HPI shall be paid a gross salary of INR 176,967/- per month (INR 21,23,604/- per annum) subject to relevant taxes at source, along with Medical Insurance for self, spouse and up to two children.


5. LOCATION: Bengaluru, or Delhi, or Chennai






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Eligible candidates interested in the position can apply using the link https://bit.ly/Apply-HPI-STiR-SAMS at the earliest.