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Job Description

Programme Coordinator - State Resource Centre

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Patna, Bihar

1. POSITION(S) VACANT: Programme Coordinator - State Resource Centre, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Patna, Bihar




The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), formerly the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, is a UN organization working for reproductive rights for all and supports access to a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services, including voluntary family planning, maternal health care and comprehensive sexuality education.




The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is supporting the Government of Bihar (GoB) and Bihar State Madarsa Education Board (BSMEB) in the implementation of the Adolescence Education Program (Talim-i-Naubalighan) in Government-affiliated Madarsas of Bihar. The project seeks to enhance the knowledge and skills of Madarsa adolescents through age and context-specific learning materials, training of teachers, and strengthening of systems. The pilot phase of this intervention was initiated in 2019 across 373 Madarsas in Purnea and Katihar Districts.


With support from the Department of Minority Welfare, the Government of Bihar, and under the leadership of BSMEB, the project is being upscaled in 34 districts of Bihar, covering approximately 2500 government-affiliated Madarsas and covering 1.2 lakh adolescents in Madarsas annually. The age and context-specific teaching will be introduced from Grade VI to X through the cascade approach of training led by a State Resource Centre and supported by 10 Regional Resource Centres (RRC/ Regional Markaz) and 40 Madarsa Resource Centres (MRC/ Madarsa Markaz) over three years.

A high-level Empowered Committee constituted by the Government of Bihar will oversee the implementation of the project. UNFPA will provide technical assistance and systems strengthening for the project.


A 3-tier institutional structure is envisaged to implement the Adolescence Education Program (Talim-i-Naubalighan) an SRC at the state level, supported by 10 Regional Resource Centres (Regional Markaz) covering 200 Madarsas each, further down to 40 Madarsa Resource Centre (Madarsa Markaz) covering 40 Madarsas each.


Located at the Ghulam Sarwar Memorial (Haj Bhawan), Patna, the SRC is envisaged to be the state-level technical and managerial apex body for implementing Talim-i-Naubalighan and will work under the BSMEB and the Department of Minority Welfare through UNFPA. SRC will provide administrative, managerial, and technical directions and inputs for achieving the objectives of Talim-i-Naubalighan.


The SRC is in its formative phase and will be strengthened with the technical support of UNFPA and its partners. Hence, at present, the SRC will function with the supportive supervision of UNFPA.


Once enabled with an institutional structure, full-fledged team, Standard Operating Procedure, management framework, as well as a result and resources framework. The dedicated team placed at the SRC will gradually lead, manage, guide and oversee the implementation of Talim-i-Naubalighan in the following ways:


(a) Establish formal linkages with Madarsa Markaz and strengthen/expand the existing interventions;

(b) Analyse Policy and Programmatic Gaps in the strengthening of the Madarsa System and undertake policy formulation (E.g. Madarsa Board is under the Department of Education while Funds for minorities comes under the Department of Minority Welfare);

(c) Advocate with relevant government departments for necessary policy shifts/formulations and programmatic reforms;

(d) Communication, Knowledge Management and Partnerships;

(e) Improve governance systems in Madarsa Education System;

(f) Coordination with other government departments;

(g) Regular review and updation of course curriculum;

(i) Capacity building


As mentioned above, MRCs are being developed with the technical support of UNFPA and its partners as the first point of contact for all Madarsas as their administrative and technical hubs. They have a dedicated team to strengthen the capacities of Madarsas for addressing various issues of adolescents by providing continuous training/ capacity building to the Nodal Teachers in Madarsas, and by mentoring and handholding - their primary responsibilities. They will collect data for MIS, endeavor to develop creative expressions for adolescents in Madarsas, and will provide health-related counselling, career guidance support, etc.


The intermediary institutional structure between the state-level SRC and 40 MRCs is that of 10 RRCs (which cover 200 Madarsas each). Their primary responsibility is to enhance the effectiveness of SRC by decentralizing management, assuring quality of the AEP, and providing supportive supervision to the MRCs. As technical hubs, they will collate and verify data for MIS collected by MRCs, guide and coordinate the activities of MRCs, and engage closely with the MRC teams.




Reporting to the Director, SRC and Project Manager, UNFPA, the Programme Coordinator (PC) will be based out of the SRC located at Haj Bhawan, Patna. S/he will work under the supervision of the Project Manager and will closely coordinate with Monitoring Evaluation and Documentation Officer, UNFPA, Policy Analyst, SRC and Communication Specialist, SRC to implement the key goals of the programme.

Key Job Responsibilities.


(A) Programme Coordination

(1) Support the Director, SRC and Project Manager in dynamically conceptualizing AEP, programme development and institution strengthening;
(2) Support the Project Manager and coordinate with Policy Analyst in development of policies, guidelines and knowledge resources related to the AEP;
(3) Establish a smooth communication channel (including a two-way feedback mechanism) and ensure coordination of programme activities from Madarsas at unit-level to State Resource Centre at state-level;
(4) Ensure adherence to policies and guidelines issued by SRC at RRC, MRC, and Madarsa levels;

(5) Strengthen, coordinate, manage and monitor functioning of Regional Resource Centres (RRCs/ Regional Markaz) and day to day implementation of activities by Regional Resource Centre Coordinators through tools like monthly activity calendar, development plan for RRC, work-plans of RRC Coordinators and monthly review meetings;
(6) Support the RRC Coordinators to liaison with district-level government officials for providing support services to AEP at Madarsa level covering rights and entitlements, health-related counselling etc.;
(7) Coordinate with M&E Officer and MIS Associate to ensure the data efficacy of the programme and guide the RRCCs to review the data at Regional level;
(8) Ensure provision of programmatic inputs based on needs assessed and complete coordination of the Project.


(B) Programme Implementation

(1) Under guidance of the Project Manager, undertake the implementation of the programme at Regional and Madarsa level in addition to supporting the RRCCs;
(2) Manage day to day administrative matters for the programme under the guidance of the Project Manager;
(3) Preparation of high-quality programme reports including Annual and Quarterly reports and evaluate the progress of the project activities;
(4) Undertake field visits as and when required to assess implementation and progress and supervise the project personnel at RRC level;
(5) Assist in development of plans and budgets for the SRC;
(6) Support in identifying potential programmatic convergence with government departments, institutions and agencies at the state and district levels;
(7) Conduct periodic internal programme reviews at the state level (including MIS) to update Director and Project Manager and assess the need for programmatic inputs at RRC, MRC, and Madarsa levels under the supervision of Project Manager and with coordination of M&E Officer;
(8) Oversee the field implementation of the programme at Regional and Madarsa level


(C) Training and Capacity Building

(1) Ensure capacity development and effective performance management  of the personnel at RRC level;
(2) Oversee the occurrence of regular trainings and refresher trainings of trainers/ teachers at all levels- RRC, MRC, Madarsa;
(3) Create a directory/ pool of experts, resource persons, trainers, and an inventory of resource materials (documents, audio-video, modules, books);
(4) Organize periodic capacity and knowledge development activities such as workshops, seminars, exposure visits in coordination with Communication Analyst;
(5) Any other tasks as assigned by the supervisors.




Applicant must have Master's degree in Social Sciences/ Rural Development or related disciplines.



(1) Minimum four years of relevant work experience;

(2) Prior experience of working with the Madarsa system will be preferred;


Skills and Competencies:

(1) Fluency in written and spoken Urdu is mandatory;

(2) Proficiency in operating MS-Office;

(3) Ability to work with diverse groups and settings;

(4) Excellent writing, communication and training skills;

(5) Ability to multi-tasks and timely deliver to meet internal and external deadlines.




The Programme Coordinator shall be hired on a consultancy contract through Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS), a respected HR Agency.




The consolidated remuneration for the position ranges between Rs. 75,000 per month and will commensurate with experience and salary history of the candidate.


7. LOCATION: State Resource Centre, Haj Bhawan, Patna, Bihar


8. DURATION: The successful candidate shall be issued successive consultancy contracts for a period of one year by UNFPA’s third-party payrolling partner(s).


The initial contract from the date of joining till December 31, 2022, shall be issued by SAMS. The subsequent contract for the balance period shall be issued by SAMS and/or UNFPA’s successor third-party payrolling partner.






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Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to apply using the link https://recruitment.samshrm.com/Jobs/UNFPA, by or before September 15, 2022.