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Manager of Eye Bank Operations KGMU UP Community Eye Bank, SightLife, Lucknow

1. POSITION VACANT: Manager of Eye Bank Operations, KGMU UP Community Eye Bank, SightLife, Lucknow


Headquartered at Seattle, WA-USA, SightLife is the only non-profit global health organization, focused solely on eliminating corneal blindness.

Working with surgeons in over 30 countries, SightLife and its Global Partners restore sight to more than 20 men, women, and children each day. This is accomplished through eye banks, which are centers for the recovery and placement of eye tissue used in cornea transplants.

SightLife’s mission is to eliminate corneal blindness globally, through partnerships with eye banks in developing countries, where 90% of the world’s 10 million persons, estimated to suffer from curable corneal blindness, live.

SightLife constituted a small team of senior management and distribution professionals in India in 2010 for this purpose and building on the organization’s global expertise, has successfully implemented a comprehensive program to support the development of eye banks and corneal surgeons, across India.

This is an exciting opportunity to come on board an ambitious social initiative which has already begun to beneficially impact millions of Indians suffering from reversible blindness.

For more information, please visit, http://www.sightlife.org


Reporting to Senior Director of SightLife Eye Bank Operations, Asia, the Manager of Eye Bank Operations shall be responsible for managing all Eye Bank operations, developing relationships with hospital staff and community stakeholders, facilitating large training events for hospital staff, overseeing finances, managing inventory, addressing customer complaints and ensuring high quality, high productivity of the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank. The activities are intended to increase the successful donation and preservation of eye/ cornea tissue from deceased patients, so that they may be transplanted to needy recipients and cure blindness. 25% of time will be spent in the KGMU UP Community Eye Bank office and 75% will be spent in UP hospitals overseeing field operations and strengthening relationships.

Key Responsibilities

(1) Manage, Lead & Support all Eye Bank Staff
(a) Lead Eye Bank operations in a way which accomplishes the mission and objectives of Eye Bank performance.
(b)Provide operational direction to all Eye Bank staff with inputs from the director.
(b) Implement training and competency management program for all Eye Bank staff.
(c) Constantly evaluate Eye Bank performance to targets and initiate strategic adjustments in conjunction with the Senior Director of Eye Bank Operations, Asia
(d) Conduct all Eye Bank functions as required, including counseling grieving families, evaluation of transplant tissue, financial management, surgeon customer service and quality control.
(e) Recruit, select and hire staff for all Eye Bank functions.

(2) Hospital Donation & Transplant Targets:
(a) Establish hospital donation performance targets with hospital stakeholders, implement performance improvement programs and develop tools required for accomplishing goals.
(b) Develop hospital recognition programs to increase engagement;
(c) Maintain and develop relationships with Hospital Staff.

(3) Recruiting, Selecting & Hiring of all Eye Bank Staff:
Identify, assess and recommend new potential candidates after ensuring their alignment with organizational mission, objectives and culture, and potential to contribute to the growth of the Project.

(4) Develop and Strengthen Hospital & Community Relationships:
(a) Plan, coordinate and facilitate large training events intended to improve the death notification process, ensuring adequate medical screening of potential donors and the timely preservation of eye/ cornea tissue;
(b) Create and manage relationships with non-hospital facilities such as the pathologist, medico-legal office and police, to support successful the donation of eye/ cornea tissue;
(c) Establish and maintain new hospital relationships and/or new relationships within existing hospitals.

(5) Training:
Provide on-the job skills, professional and personal development skills training to Eye Bank staff, hospital staff and community partners.

(6) Provide Data and Reports:
(a) Provide scheduled daily, monthly and annual data to hospital officials and managers on all Project activities;
(b)  Analyze data to identify underperforming hospitals/ wards, create action plan and execute correction plan. Collect and reports other data/ information requested, from time to time.

(7) Additional Accountabilities:
(a) Professional Development: Allocate time and resources to enhance skills which directly improve ability to complete job functions for self and for staff;
(b) Promote the mission, vision and values of the organization;
(c) Travel to meetings and conferences in India and outside, as required;
(d) Attend three weeks training at RIEB, Hyderabad or in Delhi, within 60 days of engagement;
(e) Perform various job functions, as needed, or as may be necessary, in an organization having overlapping roles and responsibilities;
(f) Support the project outside of office hours by providing guidance and help to staff on nights and weekends, as necessary.


The applicant must possess a Bachelor’s degree. Post graduates shall be preferred.

(1) Minimum two years’ experience in hospital operations support and/or hospital administration;
(2) Experience in healthcare shall be preferred.
(3) Experience in managing employees.

Skills and Attributes:
(1) Excellent communication skills, with fluency in English and Hindi;
(2) Proficient in computers covering email, spreadsheet, word processing, online data-filling, etc.;
(3) Willing and able to travel within UP to 60% of the time with limited time nationally.
(4) Passionate and affirmation of intent to be an Organ/ Tissue/ Eye donor;
(5) Unquestionable ethics and integrity;
(6) Willing to work nights, weekends and on-call as required by operational needs.


Gross compensation for the position is attractive. The offer made to the selected candidate shall be commensurate with qualifications, experience and salary history.


This is a full time position based in Lucknow.


Lucknow, UP



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Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested apply to mebo-sl@sams.co.in with a cover letter, discussing their interest in and suitability for the position, along with an updated resume, giving details of three references, current cost to organisation and expected compensation, at the earliest.