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Microbiologists, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), India

1. POSITIONS VACANT:  Microbiologists (MB);Multiple vacancies, based at different laboratories being strengthened by FIND India.


The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), is a leading not-for-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, that enables the development and delivery of much-needed diagnostic tests for poverty-related diseases including, tuberculosis, malaria, sleeping sickness, hepatitis C, HIV, leishmaniasis, buruli ulcer and chagas disease.

FIND acts as a bridge between experts in technology development, policy and clinical care, reducing barriers to innovation and effective implementation of diagnostic solutions in low- and middle-income countries.

FIND has active collaborations with more than 100 partners, including research institutes, academia, health ministries and disease control programmes, commercial partners, the World Health Organization, bilateral and multilateral organizations and clinical trial sites.

Over the past 12 years, FIND has supported the development of 11 new diagnostic tests that address diseases of poverty. FIND has also established critical resources for the development of many other tests, including specimen banks, critical reagents, product profiles and policy briefs that provide better visibility on pressing diagnostic needs. FIND’s work in these areas reflects a willingness to address market entry barriers for diagnostics globally.

Represented in India through a Liaison Office at New Delhi, FIND has recently registered as a not-for-profit company under Section 8 of the Companies Act. The organization is presently engaged in the development of new diagnostic techniques for TB, HIV, Hepatitis C, Malaria and neglected tropical diseases, across the world and specifically for MDR-TB in India.

For more information about the organization, please visit http://www.finddx.org/


Key Responsibilities:

(1) Providing technical support to assist the C& DST lab in expansion of the full range of newer TB diagnostic activities for rapid diagnosis of TB including drug resistant TB;
(2) Supporting the Director and Head of TB Laboratory in planning and scaling-up of quality assured line probe assay (LPA) and liquid culture (LC) with rapid speciation (RS) using lateral flow immune chromatographic assay for MDR-TB diagnosis;
(3) Acquiring expertise in approved newer diagnostics tests such as LPA, LC and RS through National Trainers trained by FIND;
(4) Conducting on-site training in the newer TB diagnostics at the allotted and/or any other site indicated by FIND India’s technical team;
(5) Introducing and implementing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for TB Laboratories, in consultation with FIND India, including SOPs for specific aspects of LPA, LC and RS including specifications for equipment, infection control, etc., for ensuring Good Laboratory Practices (GLP);
(6) Ensuring proficiency in the identified newer TB diagnostics at the allotted site before they are applied for patient care under RNTCP. Also maintenance of ongoing proficiency in these diagnostics, ensuring accuracy of results being communicated to the TB patient;
(7) Ensuring testing of patient specimens at the lab and the subsequent communication of results to concerned officials and service providers, in a timely manner;
(8) Providing technical support to state authorities, in consultation with FIND India’s Technical team for strategic planning, relating to laboratory activities in the state, including workable rapid specimen transportation systems;
(9) Providing technical support to the Director and Head of TB Laboratory in Annual National/ Zonal National Laboratory Network Meetings and the implementation of their recommendations;
(10) Managing clinical and laboratory aspects of the lab and ensuring the collection, recording and reporting of clean, quality data;
(11) Liaising and facilitating with concerned agencies/ officials for regular bio-safety verification of the lab, regular MIS functioning, maintenance of all lab equipments including AMCs, logistics of various lab consumables, etc, in close coordination with FIND India;
(12) Supervising and supporting lab technical staff in day to day activities connected with newer TB diagnostics, ensuring appropriate quality control;
(13) Providing monthly / quarterly and annual reports and an end-of-assignment report in the prescribed formats on activities, achievements, challenges and recommendations;
(14) Urgently reporting all adverse events in laboratory functioning to the Director and Head of TB Laboratory and the FIND India technical team;
(15) Liaising and facilitating with the FIND India technical team on all technical matters relating to laboratory functioning;
(16) Undertaking any other job assigned by state authorities and the FIND India technical team, as per project need.


Qualifications and Experience:

Applicants must meet the following qualification requirements:

(1) MBBS with MD (Microbiology), preferably with one years experience in TB diagnostics or
(2) Ph.D. in Microbiology, with minimum one years experience in TB diagnostics, or
(3) M.Sc. with specialization in Microbiology/ Medical Microbiology/ Applied Microbiology/ Clinical Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Medical Biotechnology, with a minimum three years of work experience, preferably in the field of TB diagnostics;
(4) Experience of Rapid TB diagnostics shall be an advantage.

Skills and Attitude:

(1) Good oral and written communication skills;
(2) Strong team orientation;
(3) Ability to work independently, with minimum handholding and supervision;
(4) Energetic, resilient and passionate;
(5) Professional, mature and confident.


Gross compensation budgeted for the position on a cost to organization (CTO) basis is Rs.7.20 lacs per annum. Please note that gross compensation is fully taxable.
(Note: Candidates shall be working on the payroll of SAMS, a leading HR Agency for the health and development sectors in India).


The selected candidate shall be initially offered till October 31, 2017 consultancy contract, renewable based on satisfactory performance.


Vacancies for MBs exist at multiple locations, details of which are available at www.sams.co.in




Senior Consultant
Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.,
1/1B (Ground Floor), Choudhary Hetram House,
Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi -110 025
Phone: 011+4165 3612; 26842162; 41011564, 41011565
Email: mb-find@sams.co.in


Eligible candidates interested in this position are requested to courier or email their applications to the above address or email id. Applicants are urged to fill the ‘online’ application form provided at http://www.sams.co.in/forms/onlineapplicationfind.htm .

Candidates who are unable to fill the ‘online’ form may alternately download the standard form available at http://sams.co.in/JAF-FIND-LabStaff.doc  and mail it to the email id mentioned above, on completion.